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Boys and why we hate them

Reasons we hate Boys:

1.They are almost always late for everything

2.They brag about their relationship with their girl to their friends

3.All they think about is sex

4.They think they're better than us

5.They break our hearts and make us feel miserable

6.They're into paying for stuff 50/50 and insist it's just them treating us as "equals" 

7.They always feel the need to watch sports no matter what

8.When you're with them they check out other girls but it's not okay for you to check out other guys

9.They don't listen unless they want to, and even then they only hear what they want to hear

10.They can be really, really annoying

Girls, I've started with only ten coz I'm sure the rest of yez have a hundred and one more reasons! Let me hear them and if you like I'll post them on the site, okay?

Also so so true...