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Hello people!

Welcome to my little bubble planet! Its called Planet Blue Girl and its strictly for GIRLS!!! So lads, if youre here, get out.

I mean it.

Now where was I? Oh, okay girls you know the way boys are always causing us major grief for whatever reason? Well Planet Blue Girl is especially for that. As in, if a guy is giving you problems, come here and vent your frustration.

(You, boy! Dont think I dont see you! What did I tell you? Get outta this site RIGHT NOW!)

I mean, girlies, lets face it; Boys dont understand us. This might seem totally retarded seeing as, like, what is there to not understand? But somehow, they manage to be confused by our charms. Really, its actually very simple:


We usually fall into two categories (even the butchest among us are girls at heart!);

  • Girlie-Girls  or  Girls-Full-Stop
  • Are suckers for romance
  • Dislike the mushy stuff.
  • Like bright colours
  • Like any colour really
  • Like to be wined and dined
  • A date in front of the TV? Okay!
  • Only accept jewellery as an acceptable gift
  • The fact that he got anything at all was nice.
  • Have a bulging make-up bag
  • Have eyeliner, shadow, gloss and mascara.
  • Wear make-up EVERYWHERE
  • Make-up? To school? What are you, nuts?
  • Always have perfect hair
  • Bed-head, tousled, hat hair Variety rocks!
  • Are usually seen with a fine boy in tow
  • I think, therefore I am single
  • Love shopping
  •  Shopping = clothes, crowds, MIGRAINES


So heres what you can do on this site.

RANT about any guy youve ever wanted to rant about

RAVE about any guy youre into

Plot REVENGE on any guy who breaks your fragile girlie heart (with the help of fellow girls)

CHAT to other girlies

And basically do whatever! Go wild! HAVE FUN!!!

C ya sistas! Lots of suga!